Born September 12th 1985, playing drums has always been a pillar of his joy along with sketching animals, cartoon characters and scenery as a kid. He learned to play an entire drum kit in 1990 not knowing that drums would take center stage in his art work. In 2010 he began playing drums touring and painting with a live audience.

By 2017 Andre started incorporating drums into his life like paintings. Scenery, characters, and animals are still his vocal points. These components including drums revolve around rhythms and patterns, he believes. His art always has a strong presence of colors and depth building, adding strong interest to viewers. His art work shifted from 4’x6’ canvases to a larger scale, painting murals on walls. His “Drum Head” paintings appeared around Ohio galleries from 2018-2020. Andre’s main objective is to express his musical and humorous ideas through his paintings. Trying to bring humor and beauty into today’s climate.